The 4 Most Frustrating Things About Plus Sizes

Jill Duke

I have to say the most frustrating thing about being in my forties is the struggle with my weight.  It comes on much easier and is almost impossible to lose.  I'm sure you'll hear me talk about those struggles A LOT in future blog posts because my attempts to lose weight irritate me to my core.  I haven't quite made it into the plus sizes yet, but I've teetered on the edge.  Then I started this boutique and wanted to offer both regular and curvy sizes to women, and boy have my eyes been opened to the frustrations of plus sizes.  I had never really paid much notice to plus size clothing before because it didn't directly affect me, but now I'm taking notice and I am annoyed.  These are the things I find most frustrating about plus sizes.

  1. Stop with the animal print:  I've never been a huge animal print fan, and then I started shopping for plus size clothing and it is practically all I see.  So much cheetah.  So much leopard.  So much zebra.  Do designers think just because a woman is a little larger that she wants to look like a flipping zoo animal?  
  2. Jacked up prices:  I didn't realize plus size clothing is more expensive than regular sizes.  I will find identical shirt styles in regular and plus sizes and the the plus size is always more expensive.  I understand that plus size clothing is slightly larger than regular clothing, but seriously?  Cut a girl some slack!
  3. Quit pointing out that I'm bigger:  I'm only talking from my perspective, but if I already feel self-conscious about my weight and have insecurities with it, now instead of including me in the women's clothing category I'm put into a whole separate plus sized category, which makes me feel even more insecure about my size. I don't like to be singled out.  Not cool, man.
  4. I like the same styles as the skinny girls:  As I shop for the boutique, I always find tops that are soooooo cute -- and that are only available in sizes small, medium, and large.  Just because I'm bigger doesn't mean I don't want to look cute too.  If it is available for the skinny girls, it should be available for the bigger girls.

After trial and error with starting this business, I now have a clearer vision for the direction I want to take the boutique, so you'll be seeing changes ahead.  One of the changes is a direct result of my frustrations with plus sizes.  I want to be all inclusive and serve women of all sizes.  My pledge from here on out is when new items are added to the boutique, there will be no separate curvy or plus size category.  If I offer an item in regular sizes, I will offer that same item or a similar item in the larger sizes -- and I won't charge extra for it.  I'm glad my eyes have been opened and I hope you will like this change to Sugar Pine Boutique.

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